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At BAC Florida Investments Corp., client commitment and a personalized approach to portfolio building are the foundation of our investment philosophy. Our clients benefit from our global market knowledge, our competitive pricing and our open architecture.


We build a roadmap to your financial performance

We begin with an in-depth conversation to clearly envision your financial goals, needs, and investment objectives. Once your goals are prioritized, our Brokerage Services team will evaluate your investment profile and provide you with suitable investment options. Our professionals are always at hand to help monitor your progress, keep you on track, and fine-tune your portfolio, while proactively thinking about the future.
  • Analyze
    1. In-depth Conversation
    Our team will have an in-depth conversation with you to coherently map out your ultimate financial objectives, to better understand your risk tolerance and to guide you towards financial success.
  • Identify
    Determine Asset Allocation
    Our professionals will help you design a plan and determine a proper asset allocation. You will be provided with various suitable investment options to properly align to your objectives.
  • Build
    Customize Portfolio
    Our team will provide you with alternatives as they recognize market trends and understand global economies. We will customize your portfolio to meet your specific investment objectives.
  • Execute
    Execute your Transactions
    Once your portfolio’s asset allocation has been determined, our brokerage services and trading team will execute your transactions.
  • Track
    Monitor your Investments
    We will assist you in monitoring your investment portfolio, provide you with market updates, and identify new strategic opportunities.

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